1988 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ74 LX

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1988 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ74 LX For Sale

1988 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ74 LX For Sale

Price: $11500
Location: Kirkland, Washington

Toyota Land Cruiser for sale, thanks to new US laws about import regulations, a few of the older Japanese cars are starting to appear here, no exception these one, the Land Cruiser BJ74 LX 1988 model year powered by diesel engine. When originally it only available for Japanese domestic market, currently these Land Cruiser already in Kirkland, Washington, just waiting for someone to buy. It could be you had the opportunity to drive one of these, most importantly the much coveted diesels today. Remember it's a used car was imported from Japan into Canada, then imported into US, it is a Right Hand Drive 4x4 vehicle. If you interested please read detail below.

Specification / Condition
Drive-train 4WD Model BJ74 Year 1988
Suspension Standard Exterior Color Black Engine Replaced
Fuel Type Diesel Interior Color Grey Transmission Manual
Body Condition Rust Overall Condition Good Mileage 190K

Detail by owner
1988 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ74 (BJ73) LX (Diesel), legally imported, registered and insured in Washington State. This is a very cool, rare off road rig with lots of potential for restoration and/or modification. Toyota Land Cruisers are known around the world for their off road capabilities, with the 70 series being the follow up to the classic and highly off road capable 40 series. The BJ70 series was never sold in the US, but can be found throughout the world in the harshest environments.

I call this a BJ73, due to the 13bt engine has been replaced with a 3b diesel engine (the BJ73 is identical to the BJ74 but with a 3bii engine). The 3b (3.4L, 4 cylinder diesel) is well known to reach 450k miles with regular maintenance, with this engine only about half way there. Paired with the 5 speed MT (H55F), this combo can easily reach speeds of 80 mph and higher on the freeway, and yet crawl up the steepest hills in idle, much like a tractor. The 3b was also sold in many Toyota vehicles in Canada, with replacement parts being readily available online and through Toyota.

Imported from Japan (JDM) into Canada in 2010 (before the Japan Earthquake of 2011), then imported into US in 2013 , it is a Right Hand Drive vehicle. It took me about two weeks driving around town to feel comfortable with the RHD, and now I switch between vehicles with no thought at all except for jumping into the wrong side of the vehicle now and then. Interesting enough, I get more great comments ("what a great truck") with this cruiser than I do with my restored BJ42.

During my ownership, I have replaced the engine, rear brake pads and cylinders, fixed most leaks, and have cleaned up much of the electrical system, which had been modified by previous owners. Items that I would have loved to do next is upgrade the suspension and replace the foam in the front seats to create a solid driving experience. Through experience, I know the potential of this vehicle is huge with it being a blast to drive, and resale values are only increasing.

Great Features of the BJ74:
  • Removable FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) top (not taken off during my ownership, or the previous),
  • Stainless Steel Roof Rack (not pictured),
  • Power steering,
  • Power brakes,
  • PTO winch - one of the bearings of the drive shaft need to be replaced so it is currently no working,

Some of the major repairs by myself and previous owner in Canada:
  • New rear brakes and brake cylinders
  • 245/75R16 Arctic Claw Tires with lots of tread - recently rebalanced and ready for WINTER
  • Radiator replaced in 2011
  • Exhaust and muffler replaced in 2010
  • Heater motor replaced in 2012
  • Upgraded primer pump on injection pump
  • New Pilot bearing 2014
  • New Main Crankshaft Seal 2014
  • Inspected and Adjusted Valves yearly

Known issues:
There is rust in the usual places around the wheel wells and a little in the front windshield. The PTO winch drive shaft needs a new bearing. There is a hole in the front seat (pictured above). One rear window was replaced with a vinyl one. Looks like paint was spilled on the carpet in the rear storage area.
*besides the rust, these issues can be fixed fairly easily with some used parts from a few LC sites. I have chosen not to fix these issues to keep the price low and keep the restoration/modification decisions in the hands of the new owner.

Feel Free to come visit and give me an offer. This is a great opportunity to own a very desirable and coveted Diesel Land Cruiser. This machine is increasing in value and will enhance your driving experience, , . Google BJ74 or BJ73 and see your future.

Note: the VIN number is not the standard North American 17 digit number, and this BJ74 was assigned a BC VIN number upon Canadian importation.
The Original Frame Number is BJ74-0003918