1989 Toyota FJ62 Land Cruiser

By: Admin → Saturday, December 24, 2016

1989 Toyota FJ62 Land Cruiser

1989 Toyota FJ62 Land Cruiser For Sale

Price: $13500
Location: Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California

Toyota Land Cruiser for sale, this one of reliable 4x4 SUV made by Toyota, very well known as the FJ62 Land Cruiser was built in 1989 VIN: JT3FJ62G7K1111392 automatic transmission version. The 27-year-old SUV described without complaints at all and still in good condition overall, always well maintained only 156000 miles on it reported. If you're looking unmolested classic Land Cruiser, this could be a right example being offered for sale today by second owner.

Specification / Condition
Drive-train 4WD  Model FJ62 Year 1989
Suspension Standard Exterior Color White Engine Original
Fuel Type Gas Interior Color Grey Transmission Automatic
Body Condition Original, Solid Overall Condition Good Mileage 156K

Detail by owner
First off, I don't want to sell this car. I love this truck more than anything I've ever owned. But money's tight, so it's through clenched teeth that I offer up my FJ62 for sale. I've done a lot of looking around at other FJ's and decided to set the price at the minimum I'd be willing to part with it for, but still a good price for the mileage and demand. I've also put well over $15k into it over the years.

I've had this car for just over 6 years and I'm the second owner. I drive it daily and it has never let me down once. I keep it tuned up and maintained, but I also use it, so it's not a showroom piece.

Mechanics... Like I said, it drives and drives. Rebuilt the transmission about 5 years ago, working great. Just had new shocks and water pump/hoses installed. Got a new radiator and master cylinder couple years ago. Plus all the maintenance in-between. Just passed CA smog two weeks ago and is current on registration.

Mechanically, there are only two things worth factoring into your decision: 1. A/C is not working (could just need a recharge, could need a compressor, not sure); and 2. It will be needing tires at some point in the next year probably.

Exterior has roof rack with utility lights (currently only one light works, could be bulbs?). Brush guard with fully operational winch. Heavy-duty trailer hitch. Sailboat-style ladder on back. Body has some minor rust spots, scratches and dings here and there. Only area that might need attention someday is some rust damage on the inside edge of front passenger door frame, between the door and the windshield. It's been that way since I bought it. I've had the windshield replaced, which has helped to keep those spots dryer in the rain.

Interior is pretty solid. Edge of the driver's seat has the standard climbing-in-and-out-butt-tear. No headrests for the back seats, which is one less thing to do when you lay the seat down. Had to replace the original stereo. Some people care about that, but it stopped working and I like having a USB hookup, so to each their own. Dome light doesn't work and I think it might just be a bulb, but because it has a flexible map-light installed on the dash, I've never needed the dome, thus never bothered to check it. Also has an altimeter mounted and even a secret kill switch so that no one else can start it (if you choose). Currently missing one power window switch, but I've already bought and have a brand new replacement switch, just needs swapped in. Also the speedometer's bearings need lubricated, so it squeaks sometimes right now, still works though.

I want to give you all kinds of reasons NOT to buy it, but I'm going to be completely honest... If you're looking for a Land Cruiser that's not twenty-five thousand dollars, but you also want one you can actually drive everyday (confidently), then as much as I don't want to admit it: This is the Land Cruiser you want to buy. Seriously. It's just a great truck.

If you're seriously interested, feel free to contact me for more pictures and more info.